Social Events: Riana's Kitchen tea

POSTED: Thursday, 1st April 2010

The 18th of December 2009, Riana, our Marketing Coordinator, chose to start her new life with her husband and got married at Zambesi Point.  

The ladies from Anaprop decided to host a kitchen tea for her on the 4th of December as a token of our congratulations to her. Management allowed us to take the afternoon off so we decided to go to Sense Day Spa, situated in 45 Baard Rd, Raslouw, Centurion.  

Riana was treated to Champaign in the jacuzzi while we got settled in the tea garden. She obviously had no idea what was waiting for her so she got a HUGE fright as she entered the tea garden while we all jumped up and shouted: SURPRISE !

We dressed her in a funny looking wedding gown and pinned R10 notes all around, this was followed with fun games. If she answered a question correctly, she was allowed to take a note off the dress BUT if she was incorrect, she had to do whatever the ladies nominated her to do.

This allowed for great laughter for all of us!   Sense Day Spa prepared nice quiche, savories and sweet treats for us, together with Champaign, juice, coffee and tea.   The day was ended off with special gifts that the ladies bought for her.  

Thank you to Anaprop for allowing us to share this special event with Riana, she is a stunning person and a wonderful colleague to work with.   We hope that Riana and her husband, Dwayne will have everlasting happiness, love and joy together.  


Cherene White

Leasing Administrator